Ants tunneling through a formicarium

An Ant's Life is No Picnic


For Rescue Dogs "Nothing's Better Than a Live Find"


Nature's Own Pooper-Scoopers Keep Earth Livable for All of Us

If it were not for dung beetles, members of the scarab family, every terrestrial organism would be up to its eyeballs in you know what

Condors: Back From the Brink

Hopes for the endangered vultures' survival soared recently after six captive birds were released on a clifftop in the Arizona wilds

Komodo dragon

Everyone Knows the Dragon Is Only a Mythical Beast

But try telling that to the people who live on a few islands in Indonesia where several thousand real dragons subsist in the wild

An Orphanage for Some Big Babies

Daphne Sheldrick has turned her Nairobi home into a nursery and rehabilitation center for infant elephants who have lost their families


Phenomena, Comment and Notes

As scientists probe deeper into whether animals really have consciousness, questions arise. If they think, do we want to know what they think about us?


You Can Call Him 'Cute' or You Can Call Him 'Hungry'

The much-maligned weasel is always on the lookout for something to eat, and the rest of us should be grateful he usually finds it


When Uncle Sam's "Fish Cops" Reel in a Suspect, He's Usually a Keeper

Agents of the National Marine Fisheries Service often work undercover gathering the evidence needed to make arrests stick

A cock and a hen roosting together

Feathered Fights of Fancy

No ordinary fowl, these birds have been bred for visual delight. For many an owner, they are just too pretty to eat


When One of the National Zoo's Gorillas Goes In For Tests, It's Not Just Standard Operating-Room Procedure

By discovering heart disease early, echocardiograms have improved life; now Washington cardiologists are using them to help great apes at the National Zoo


Following the Footsteps of Fox and Bear

Naturalist-sleuth Susan Morse and her fellow conservationists at Keeping Track monitor wildlife in order to pinpoint critical habitat


Around the Mall & Beyond

Since her arrival in September, baby Chitwan has charmed visitors and curators alike. This is the first birth of a rhino at the National Zoo since 1974


The Dogs That Go to Work, and Play, All Day -- for Science

Geneticist Jasper Rine and his colleagues launched the Dog Genome Initiative to elucidate both canine genes and behavior


The Object at Hand

It took four years, a shipwright and help from the British to create the blue whale model installed in the National Museum of Natural History

At the 'Mayo Clinic for Animals,' the Extraordinary Is Routine

New York's renowned veterinary hospital takes on almost anything, from a constricted boa to a mite-infested mouse to an anemic iguana


If It Moves, Grab It, but Try Not to Get the End That Bites

That's the advice researchers in Venezuela give volunteers who help them find and collect specimens of the world's biggest boa

This image shows an about 1.6 inch (4 cm) large male Yellow-winged Darter (Sympetrum flaveolum) from the side

Dragonflies Are an Odd Combination of Beautiful Things

Don't be misled by their dainty appearance. These ornaments of summer are aggressive predators, amazing fliers and bizarre suitors


New Ideas in the Air at the National Zoo


How Taxonomy Helps Us Make Sense Out of the Natural World

We all have a need to classify plants and animals, which is what the National Museum of Natural History does on a grand scale

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