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Black monkey perches in a tree staring directly at camera

Smithsonian Environmental Research Center

Eight Weird and Wondrous Discoveries From 2023

Underwater photo of a pink and gold coral reef in bright blue water, with small blue and yellow fish. A blurry reflection of the reef appears in the water at the top of the photo.

Smithsonian Environmental Research Center

New Study Reveals Large Holes In America’s Ocean Protection. Here’s How We Can Fix Them.

Joshua Tewksbury

Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

Why the World Needs a Standard Measure for Counting Carbon

a collage of four images of educators; one is holding a blue crab, one is holding a bullfrog at night, one is taking a picture of an oyster basket, one is holding a crab with large plastic tweezers by the side of a river

Smithsonian Education

Educators from Across the Country Convene on the Chesapeake Bay with a Network of Fellow 'Earth Optimists'

Dr. Ruth Bennett holding Summer Tanager

Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

Drink Coffee, Eat Chocolate, Save Birds!


Your IMPACT | Your Smithsonian

Air, Land and Sea: New Tools for Resilience

Four key actions

Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

The Key to Ocean Conservation May Lie with the Tropical Majority

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Aerial view of construction work on the Maya Train on August 31, 2023


First Section of Mexico's Controversial Maya Train Opens

See-through wood has a number of interesting properties that researchers hope to exploit.


The Surprising Possibilities of See-Through Wood

Evolyn aims to launch a new rail service between London's St. Pancras International station and Paris' Gare du Nord station.


New High-Speed Rail Service Between London and Paris Is Coming in 2025

Could this innovation provide a solution to one of our era’s biggest scourges?


Scientists Have Created Synthetic Sponges That Soak Up Microplastics

Consumer products made from carbon capture can't undo the damage we’ve done to our planet—but each of them exists thanks to innovations that could. 


Little Luxuries Made With Captured Pollution Hint at Big Frontiers in Climate Science

Climate Change News

Protesters throw soup at the Mona Lisa's protective glass covering at the Louvre on January 28.


Climate Activists Throw Soup at the 'Mona Lisa'

For species that reproduce sexually, every offspring is a gamble. Each has slightly different genes, giving it the potential to be carrying helpful, adaptive traits.


Can Animals Evolve Fast Enough to Keep Up With Climate Change?

Emperor penguins are the largest penguins in the world, but they're at risk of disappearing because of human-caused climate change.


Scientists Discover Four New Emperor Penguin Colonies From Satellite Images of Antarctica

The 2023 Doomsday Clock on display before a Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists event on January 24, 2023. The Bulletin has been setting the clock since 1947 based on analysis of threats facing humans from technologies people have made. 


Doomsday Clock Stays at 90 Seconds to Midnight Amid Climate Change, War and A.I.

Kelp cultivated in underwater forests could help curb climate change, both because of the carbon these forests capture and because products made from kelp can reduce carbon emissions.


Could Sinking Tons of Seaweed to the Ocean Floor Help Combat Climate Change?

Bottom trawling is a polarizing fishing practice that involves dragging heavy nets and equipment across the seafloor.


Seabed Trawling May Be Spewing Huge Amounts of CO2 Into the Atmosphere

Researchers studied roughly 50 numbats over the course of a year.


As the Planet Warms, Australia's Numbats Are at Risk of Overheating